Theo Skye

Theo Skye lives & works in Manhattan, NYC.

He brings it with

  1. Trend Setting Creative Direction
  2. Stellar Graphic Design
  3. Expert Web Development
  4. Elite Club DJ Performances

Theo loves to hear your voice & readurtxts: 917.225.3788

You can follow Theo’s updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (links below).

And he checks his inbox way too often:

Facebook Twitter Tumblr: Rainbows Are Hot
Brand & Design for Mobile Ad Network
Running for Office
Historic Political Cartoon Exhibit
The Way We Worked
Historic Photograph & Video Exhibit
When Nixon Met Elvis
Historic Photograph & Document Exhibit
Parkway Corporation
Corporate Website for a Parking Company

Technical Expertise

Fluency in...

PHP (+Symfony Framework), Regex, (X)HTML, CSS 2 & 3, JavaScript (+jQuery), MySQL. General Apache Config, .htaccess & mod_rewrite. You’ll usually find me in TextMate, Photoshop & Illustrator.

Dabbling in...

Ruby & the Rails framework.

What’s next...

iPhone app development & CocoaTouch